Katun river bank.

If you come in Altai, Altai comes in you. Altai is the most pure and powerfull place on earth and is full of the most purest energy that we can imagine. It is the Creation that you can see and this makes that we remember from a far, far away past tense.

Baba stone at the initiation place of the Shamans in Tyungur.

Tyungur means: Tambourine of the Shaman.

In Altai the earth has an aureole of the purest heart- and wisdom energy in aroma and colour and this has a deep effect in the totality of the people.


Blue energies, Tyungur.

Everybody, who was in Altai, changed in one way of the other. If you go to Altai, Altai comes to you and you cannot stop this process what starts in you.

With every look you will be affect by the pure, the clean, the beautiful and specially by the Light of this part of Altai.

With every breath you receive the soft, friendly healing of the aroma and the colours, from the millions of flowers, herbs and the trees, which grow and flourish, every year again, untouched, powerfull and original.

Every stone has it's own ray of power and healing. The water of the mountains, coloured with the dust of the stones from the coloured mountains, is rich of minerals and have energetic loadings.

Yarlu, the coloured mountain.

The water is electra, inspired and comes from the Highest Source, the Holy mountain Belucha, KINGDOM OF SHAMBALLA.


Belucha is the Russian name and translated, it means: Alba Spectrum, the White Light.The origian name is Utsch Sumer and comes from the old Mongolian Sanskriet. "Utsch" means Three (the three mountain tops of Belucha) and "Sumer": the Sum, Centre of the Cosmos.

So, you can say that the three mountain tops of Belucha represent the Cosmic Trinity on Earth in the word "Utch Sumer". That is the reason that Belucha is also named: The Heart of the planet Earth. The place where in Ancient times the heart chacra of the human kind was opened, is a legend too of Belovodia, the Russian Shamballa.

In 1994, somebody translated Bel Ucha like this for me: " The White part of the Ear" : telepatic (h) ear.

Belucha has an enormous therapeutic power. I call Belucha the greatest Shaman of the world. If you ask, you get an answer, dreams, insight, flashes, and Belucha has the power to sent trauma energies from you away and gives Energy to heal your soul.

The energy of Belucha is an awakening energy, energy of Light and recover much information, knowledge and wisdom in our conciousness.

The trekking from the small village Tyungur to Belucha is also a chacra journey. All the connections in us will be connected. Water, much water guides us to Belucha by the river Akkem that comes to us during the trekking. The Akkem streams out of the glacier mouth of Belucha and Ak means white. The Akkem, The White Water, ends in the Katun river.

Everything what is loosened in our mind and body during the trekking to Belucha and wants to leaves our body, can be filled again with new power, new love and the new light by this water of the Akkem, coming out of the inside of Belucha.

The love of the riches of the minerals makes new crystals in us which start to vibrate with the Great Crystal: Belucha. On the way to Belucha you will find the herbs that help you to loose your old sour crystals. You can eat those herbs and make tea from them. At the time that you reach Belucha, you are ready for her Light and her deep transformation power of Love.

Altai is not only transformational working at the connections, chacra's, the body, Altai has transformational power into the DNA, in all it's facettes.

The Russian Altai mountains was one of the best keeped secrets. Russian doctors, psychiaters and other specialists, sent their patients to Siberia and to Altai to recover from illness and to heal. Where you are in this area, the power of the nature, the blue energies that hang as a aureol over this aerea, that penetrate all, thousands of kilometers fields, valley's, mountains, forests, with their aromatic smells and colours, heal in a miraculousway the triad in people.

Many people are searching for the Shamans in Altai, the miraculous healers.

Altai is that healer, the Greatest Shaman that you ever can meet.

Sometimes you can hear in the night, in the very old village Tyungur, the monotonous rhythm from the Tambourine of the Shaman,

the hartbeat of the water.




Photo's and text: Fransje Bik, the Netherlands.

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