In 1999 , 2000 and 2002 Olga Kharitidi has trained therapists in the Netherlands in a very, very old way of healing. This way of healing is now made available to all mankind. In October 2011  Olga Yahontova ( Kharitidi) has given a new workshop in France. Olga Kharitidi is a psychiatrist from Novosibirsk in Siberia and author of the books "Entering the Circle" and "The Master of Lucid Dreams." (Die Bücher von Olga: Das Land der Weisse Seele und Samarkand) Since 2013 there is a third book from Olga Yahontova (Kharitidi) called Michael Gate. (e-book) Ancient knowledge and the modern psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy come now closer together.



Olga  Kharitidi  now Olga Yahontova.




The workshops will be led, with my (Fransje Bik) permission, in Germany by Carsten Wacker in Bremen.  Alle Workshops werden jetzt, mit meinem Erlauben, auch in Deutschland gegeben durch Carsten Wacker in Bremen.

Website from Carsten Wacker  

und das Email Adres von Carsten Wacker in Bremen.

Carsten macht auch die Heilungen mit euch, er hat bei mir alle Workshops gefolgt und kennt auch andere Shamanistische Richtungen. Er wird, so wie ich auch gemacht habe, das Wissen und was er gelernt hat, integrieren in seine Workshops!!!


When you want to come to France for healings or workshops, you are welcome too. Then the workshops will be led by Fransje Bik on The Mountain in France.

Look to the workshops the dates are given there for workshops in France, in English and German language.



I.              Workshop Dreamhealer-Warhealer and

II.        Workshop II. Memory Demonheler

By connecting shamanism and the modern possibilities in ways of healing it is much easier as before to find spirits of trauma, also called: memory demons. They come from traumas and dramatic events that have ever occurred in our life or past lives. Those spirits of trauma give new consequences in our life and therefore also to lives of them to whom we are connected in the present, the past and in the future.

We learn, by feeling, to differentiate the type trauma, we know in this work the trauma of lost soul and the trauma of possession. Depending on the type trauma, we will learn to heal the spirits of trauma which cling to it. We are not going into the trauma, we are just healing the pain feelings – spirits of trauma.

The spirits of those traumas pull daily at our vital energy and cause new consequences in our life. You learn how to sent away the spirits of possession and how to heal the spirits of lost soul.
The trauma spirits live in us like parasites and take our energy from us. They hinder our core potential, our talents. They hinder our spiritual growth, even on Archetype level. The spirits of trauma will, if they are not healed, also cause trauma to other people and so the morbid cycle persists and causes disasters.

Where this method comes from, you can read in the book “Entering the circle” of Olga Kharitidi, now Olga Yahontova,: The legend of Belovodia.

During the workshop you will find your power guiding animals for this work. They will be your helpers in the healings which you do. Please take a recent pass photo from yourself to the workshop, you need it for the healing in the night.

You will follow in two days 2 workshops. The second one is called:

 Memory Demonhealer.

In this workshop we learn how to find and to remove memory demons. Memory demons live in our inner space, they take your inner space instead of you – take parts of your identity – steel your energy – your thinking – your lives. That’s why we miss the energy to come in action for ourselves, for our dreams, for what we want to realize, for the call of our soul here on earth.

In this workshop you will do the work in the connections as you have learned in the workshop Dreamhealer-Warhealer, first day, and now you will learn also to make connection with your Spiritual magician and perceiver.

You will work in Spaces where will be brought by your helpers that what you need to heal. It is like they serve you like a waitress bringing you your drinks. You learn during this workshop to distinguish what you want- and what you not want to exist in your inner space! Depending on your choices you learn to act and to heal. In this way of shamanistic healing, of course, also the cause of all will be healed too.

You will not go into the trauma, you will not see the trauma, you are not going into the images of your healing. You are the chief of your images, you stay in the present and you make by your healing the choices for your present and your future. You learn to transform, to sent away, to create and to heal. You will meet also the memory demons who are from your ancestors and not from you. It is still in the family line, in the unconscious memory of you, even family demons. By liberating and healing yourself of those memory demons you will claim more and more your own history back and by that you rewrite automatically your Own history, also for your present and future!

At the end of this day, you will reconnect your soul with your spiritual source!

Workshop I:  Dreamhealer-Warhealer and II. Memory Demonhealer  

At The Mountain in France

In die Deutsche Sprache, du kannst dich ins Deutsch anmelden.

2020: 2 Oktober bis 5 oder 6 Oktober, schon belegt.

Anreise Freitag, Abfahrt Montag oder Dinstag wenn du noch ein Tag bleiben willst um mit mir zu üben oder ein Sitzung zu machen.

Kosten Workshops und Übernachtungen: Eine Spende nach Wünsch.

Max. 4 Teilnehmer.



All 4 Workshops in one week in English:


In France on The Mountain in 2020:

arrival day 24 or 24 september  

workshops I and II   26 and 27 september, 28 september a day rest or exercises or sessions.  Workshop III and IV  29 and30 september and again a day to do exercises, I give some more information and sessions. Departure 1 October.

Max 4-6 attendees, you sleep in wooden houses on The Mountain. Maybe we have to share houses, max. 2 for 1 house.

Costs: If you wish, you can give a donation for my animals and The Mountain.







III.  Workshop Live your Own Dream and IV Workshop Boundless.

After Dreamhealer-Warhealer and Memory Demonhealer, the workshop Live your Own Dream and Boundless can be followed, also in two days.

In this workshop you will reach a deeper level in shamanism. The first part of the workshop focuses on personal healings which now more and more will be done by the Healer in you. You will learn to be Dream Self and to create your Own Dream. Your whishes or your plans you can see in detail and the road to realization will be also given to you. You will learn by this dream work to lift your whishes and plans up to reality.

You learn to “play” with what you have learned in workshop I.  Now you will see that a lot of what you have learned, you can use in your daily life.
You will notice that the impossible will be possible and more and more you will trust in the boundlessness of yourself.

Some modern and old knowledge are integrated in the way of healing in your original  DNA and healing of an illness by a very simple brain journey.
This is totally new, I integrate the new science into the shamanism. Everything that is given by Olga Kharitidi, now Yahontova, will also be given to you.

At the end of the Workshop, you have learned to be as “an instrument” through which the Healer in you is doing the healing work.
The program of those two days is one of unbelievable possibilities and you will take back home the boundlessness as a treasure with no end! 

Wo und wenn: In Frankreich auf De Berg in  Wochenenden und in der Deutsche Sprache:

Workshop II und IV hat gewechselt nach 2021:

Kosten Workshops und Übernachtungen: Eine Spende nach Wünsch.



Diese Wiederholungstage sind für diejenigen die schon alle 3  frühere Workshops gefolgt haben. Ich werde dann Workshop IV in diese drei Tagen integrieren und euch Workshop I und II ganz viel einfacher geben.

Max. 4 Teilnehmer. Ich schreibe euch auf eine Liste und wenn es 4 Teilnehmer gibt, werden wir die Data aussuchen.

Eine Spende nach Wünsch.  Übernachtungen in Holzhäusern auf De Berg kosten: Eine Spende nach Wünsch.

Therapist Training in 2021

The training for therapists, during one week is meant for therapists who want to work in their own praxis with this kind of shamanistic healings. And… you need the background from all the 4 workshops before.

When and where: 2021 In France on The Mountain and in English:
Costs for training and overnights: donation as you like..

Wo und wann: In 2021 In Frankreich auf De Berg in Deutsche Sprache.
Kosten für das Training und Übernachtungen: Eine Spende nach Wünsch.

Wenn du Interesse hast und auch alle 4 Workshops gefolgt hast, schreibe mir, ich teile dich ein auf die Liste. Wir werden nacher die Data aussuchen.


Therapy on The Mountain in France goes now, grace to the down lock from France, by Skype without camera. Mail me and we make an appointment.


Therapy sessions only as agreed.

It can be 1 sessions and it can also be more sessions when you have a theme to heal. If you tell me your theme, I will test before how many sessions of therapy you need for this theme. Every day we will do 1 healing if you come for a theme. So then you have to stay here.


Some examples of what can be healed:

When your future is blocked by your past.

Repeating dreams, nightmares and images healing.

Healing in your original blueprint.

Illness healing by the brain journey.

The search to the spirit of the illness and free you from it.

Healing memories.

Healing of youth memories.

The search to your vocation.

Searching for answers on your questions. (if allowed)

Identification of the source from your situation that you do not want anymore.

Find back your Own Path.

Receive back your other half.

Receive back your lost soul.

Receive back your Spirit Self.


Costs: you may give donation if you want.




 Mail to Fransje Bik            I mail only once in a week!       


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