Articles and the texts, dedicated to the dolmens:
1. Gallery of the photographs of dolmens.
(Krasnodar edge of g.Gelendzhik)
2. Dolmens and physics of field.
3. Sacral places for Russia. Dolmens
4. Technology of obtaining information, during the presence in the region of mega-lytic construction. Dolmens

Dolmens. Fashionable word.
Trips to the dolmens become ever more popular.
To the dolmens drive to ask - money, child, the happinesses, health, well and, of course, the highest abilities. To the dolmens they drive to open/disclose the third eye and clairvoyance, to be occupied by chenelingom, prediction of future, they drive to the contacts with other civilizations or in order to open/discover portal in another measurement, they drive to acquire secret ancient knowledge. Finally in order simply to look.
Do not walk to look dolmens. Why? It costs, nothing special.
this nevertheless, what to go into The troitsko-Sergiyevskuyu or Kiev -Pecerskuh monastery to the excursion.
Why to walk into the church to the excursion?
To the dolmens generally it cannot be driven anything to request or to obtain. this is not sponsor. Our customary idea about the god as about sponsore we simply withstand to entire new and uncommon, which appears or about that unexpectedly they heard.
4 I do not compare, 4 simply I attempt to explain!
To the dolmens it is possible to go only to bow, only to return and to be subdivided, only with respect to be touched for ancient and unknown.
To the dolmens it is possible to go to live life.
these are surprising place, and now surprising time. If your heart and intentions are pure/clean, and you are actually ready to return everything that they accumulated in the soul, intercourse can take place. Guards will let pass you, and you will fall not on clearing to the old stones, but in another measurement.
In 4 days, weeks or months you will be able to live life, entire embodiment. these are not comparison and not metaphor, this actually so - on the completeness of experiences, on the incandescence of emotions and events, along the length of the covered path, by the volume of experience, thought over, finished and realized this there will be the entire life of usual person, if not more. In one day of you it will happen so much in all, that it does not occur also in 10 years of usual life.
4 I tell, that I know.
In the last 80 years of dolmens it is destroyed more than for 4000 those preceding (in spite of all earthquakes, the natural calamities and wild tribes).
On the shore Of pshada river, in the destroyed dolmen, at me arrived the spirit of this dolmen. To my silent question relative to entire this it answered:
" - everything is normal and it is natural, we use everything. We knew that so it will be. this does not have a value. When rock body served, it no longer is important and is not necessary.
(its response/answer it was so multi-measured and in each symbol it was contained so many values, that 4 I transfer, probably only fourth of fact that he spoke)
- we depart. Our mission on this planet ended (or almost it ended).
- when depart?
- well here now, to the given moment/torque we depart
(this it was as present of chontinuous in the English language).
- well it is here to my, to the human period when?
- you know, for me this now. In my time this one instant, while in your perhaps you will see last dolmen, and can and your grandson still will be able to poobshchat'sya with us... "

Actually, the surely rock body of dolmen so is not important, as.
How that, that reads?
What is important?
About which he did speak?

By the way, you do not know, randomly, why in the last 80 years of dolmens it is destroyed more than for foregoing 4000?
What for the natural calamity?
Yes, one more, 4 it saw the dolmens in the very good state, otrestavrirovannye, repaired, transferred, fenced in, simply cultivated and " obekskursennye ".
But these were already almost simply stones.
Actually, surely stones - not most important.

And so already, can, not into the theme, but nevertheless, in my opinion, into the church actually it is not worthwhile to walk to request. Or, at least, it is not worthwhile to walk only after this and with this. Indeed this now " to pray ", " to pray " - to request. But is earlier " to say " " rumor " - to say was, talk.
(it can philologists me they will correct, but for the sense of that, about which 4 I speak, 4 it is confident)
In the church walk for the " accomplishment of tainstva", " the sacraments of repentance ", " the sacrament of baptism ", " the sacrament " of intercourse with the god.

2. Dolmens and physics of field.

For the course of entire their history the people erected ritual structures. Wooden temples, the dolmens from the stone, opened or sealed up into the barrow, the earthen catacombs, the fortresses, monastyri and entire cities. Primordial these buildings were not used for the everyday targets/purposes, to them they came in the necessary time, they accomplished deystvo and departed.
In the first Egyptian pyramids there was no place for the usopshikh tsars, Mikeny did not contain into themselves more than thousand priests, old Asgard had an area- stand after the walls, but the stepped pyramids of central America were generally only place for conducting the magic practitioner.
Strong peoples conducted as a rule the semi-nomadic means of life, and only such peoples were capable of comprehending the need for similar construction.
Erected them in the places forces , that is in the zones, where are observed the anomalies of geomagnetic, and as consequence, geo-pathogenic processes. On the basis of the theory Of vernadskogo about the noosphere, that is about the planet as about the united organism, any place the force of planetary scale can be considered as the acupuncture point of this organism. Naturally, as acting on acupuncture of man in different ways we will have at the output/yield different results, so also actions on the geomagnetic zones different depending on the stated goal.
The range of magic practitioner is infinite, and targets/purposes after which went peoples approximately some and those -:
harmonization with the surrounding peace/world, obtaining izotericheskikh knowledge, reaching/achievement of authority, force, clearness or personal immortality, in any combinations and variations.

Ritual and occult construction without looking at the similarity of geometric forms, they bear the clearly expressed individual nature. To ob'yasnit' difference is possible precisely by a difference in the targets/purposes of action, and also by the properties of this place force and by the individual abilities of operators. The construction/design could arrive and it is unconscious.
Each geometric figure has the torsion field of twisting characteristic only of it, and each configuration of this field acts on surrounding informationly energy kontinium clearly specific. Specifically, on the base of knowledge about this contemporary psycho-generators are constructed.

Thus it is possible to make the asserting itself conclusion:
people possessing by esoteric given or increased sensory abilities, could everywhere construct similar psycho-generators of local or general planetary value, depending on selected acupuncture, and naturally this is made.
In particular Caucasian dolmens, in their occult understanding are the temporary, permanent, voluntary or forced burial/concealment, undertaken with the following of tselyami(v the different cases in different ways):
the harmonization of the surrounding space, transfer or the method of information flows (repeated), reaching/achievement of personal immortality (meditation in the eternity), coding of the planetary meridian (for the suppression or vice versa the disclosure/expansion of the living and dead essences dwelling along it), and other, similar to them targets/purposes.
On proishestvii of the indeterminate time, function of dolmen, as the living being they can change, i.e., man that imprinted is its personality in sooruzheniye(fiziologicheski or in the form of double), as any living being it can change nature, desire, and to forego the primordial intentions. Therefore it is necessary to understand, that from one side the strong personality will not make it possible to destroy itself simply so (both in the sense of negative reaction and in the sense of the assumption of a similar action if it not desirably), but from other side the placed design features of the repeated use of a dolmen define possible modification, alteration and utilization of this construction, moreover by the desirably not barbarous method, but predpologayemym by builders to functions as amplifier and the transformer of the natural torsion field of geomagnetic zone.
By the only wish, inverted to the appearing recently sensorily gifted people is possible abstention from the study of the properties of dolmens and other similar construction the trial-and-error method, which is fraught with negative consequences both for the health and the sincere prosperity of experimenters and for the safety of valuable archaelogical and izotericheskogo construction.

Engineer -biolokator5ik Dronov Of a.v.
the colleague of the laboratory Of a.Akimova

3. Sacral places for Russia. Dolmens

these remarkable historical monuments, undoubtedly, which relate to the category of " megaliths " , are encountered in England, Turkey, Italy, North Africa, India and, certainly in Russia.
It goes without saying, they differ in the style of performance, the age and in terms of others the characteristics, but them unites something larger, namely, the riddle of their designation/purpose.
Official historical science carries them to the cult construction, used for the burials/concealments of the salient personalities: leaders, priests, shamans and so forth the age of building is determined by the third- fifth millenium before our era.
In this article 4 I do not attempt to assume the role of nisprovergatelya of official scientific doctrines, but I nevertheless take to itself courage to express my (and not only) point of sight to the age, places of the presence and basic functions of these unique construction of antiquity.
In Russia the dolmens are discovered in the district of the cities of Sochi, Tuapse, Novorossisk, Gelendzhika. In all it is known more than these two thousand construction, which are arranged/located predominantly in the mountain regions of the Caucasus.
By exterior view dolmens resemble the bee beehive, folded of six enormous hewed into shape from the rock plates/slabs weighing several tons. In the front/leading wall, oriented to the east, is drilled the opening/aperture, into which with difficulty can climb through the man. Among them are encountered the dolmens, executed with such carefulness, that into junction of plates/slabs it is not possible to push through the blade of penknife. There are the more primitive construction, folded of the almost unprocessed plates/slabs. They also are distinguished by the form: oval, circular, square, rectangular.
However, whence this abundance of forms and forms? In what their destination? How they were used? Specifically, these questions 4 he would want to answer in this article. Our vision does not pretend to the truth in the last instance and is the information, obtained from the sources, which the official science recognizes with this labor.
Thus, dolmens. Their origin is directly connected/bonded with a number of the global catastrophes, which shook the Earth and completely which changed the outlines of seas and continents, and almost entirely destroyed great race atlases.
Specifically, by them, that remained in living after uproar elements, and belongs an attempt at the retention/maintaining the hugest knowledge of the departed civilization. And precisely because of these knowledge, or more precisely to their remainders/residues, and were elevated the complexes of " megaliths " throughout the entire Earth.
Ancient knew that the Earth - this is the not simply inanimate " sky ", but enormous living organism, moreover man is his organic part. But, as in any other organism, in tele- of the Earth there are systems of " organs/controls ", which achieve maintenance of the life of body, its interconnections inside are outside themselves, interconnection with most that moved, partly which are the Earth and man.
Naturally, energy of the Earth is enormous in comparison with the appeared energy of man, and it is possible to visualize the power, for example, of the " nervous system " of the Earth and energies, which in it are concentrated. Like the nervous system of man, the nervous system of the Earth pierce entire its body, forming nervous knots and knots (chakry). Here on such nervous knots from time immemorial of centuries is constructed sacral construction. this and pyramid, and mengiry, cromlechs, sanctuary, church, and finally dolmens.
Since interaction of organism with the environment (in our case with that moved as a whole) is accomplished by means of specially intended for this organs/controls and systems, the skill of ancient to determine these points on tele- of planet allowed them and their descendants to elevate at these places dolmens. Entirely it is not accidental that they have a form of beehive. This form is the natural resonator, which makes it possible to adapt and to strengthen energy-information flows both from the planetary and from other levels (plans/layouts) of that moved and man.
Being located inside a similar resonator, dedicated was capable to obtain information from the higher levels of oecumenical reason, this information could concern not only the past - present, but also future, since the linearity of the course of time - characteristic, inherent only in dense plan/layout and to our percent articulation of peace/world.
Gradually, in the course of time, " ancient knowledge " was eroded, remained increasingly less people, capable of using dolmens as the transceivers for the intercourse with the highest worlds. The degradation of the level of the consciousness of the population of planet everywhere occurred.
As a result of a drop in the level of the consciousness of humanity, planet increasingly more wrapped the layers of unripe and heavy mysleform, produced by the inhabitants of the Earth, based on the destruction, hatreds so forth the layer of similar mysleform, increasing their " mass ", became ever denser screen those separating/liberating planet and man from the higher levels of consciousness, inherent in that moved. the " valves of connection/communication " in the locations of dolmens died out. It was necessary to undertake something for their retention/maintaining into the name of the future generations and planet itself.
And output/yield was found.
Most worthy of " those dedicated ", keepers of ancient knowledge, sacrificing its terrestrial life, by its freedom, decided to activate/promote and to preserve these channels.
It was necessary for this, after being cleaned physically and spiritually from all levels of negative energy - information, after entering into the dolmen and after cutting off itself from the external world of the Earth, neighbor and distant relatives and familiar - to leave into the meditation of death - the life, as a result of which the body was transformed into pain thin/fine energy levels and, being connected with the highest plans/layouts spirit, he remained the " keeper " of the communication channel, actually - by the mediator between the " sky and the earth/ground ".
Channel did preserve activity and it did continue to serve both planet and people, e? populating as the source of the highest knowledge. At it it was possible to arrive after the responses/answers to any questions, for help. It is natural that the right of turning to " spirit - keeper " the channel of dolmen belonged to those first chosen: dedicated, to leaders, to priests. Subsequently, in the form of the degeneration of ancient knowledge and their conductors the initial sense of the designation/purpose of dolmens was lost. In them they began to bury leaders, shamans, renowned soldiers, etc., which substantially destroyed cleanliness and power of channels.
Until recently the information about the dolmens was extremely scant and single-valued, since they followed the singularly supported materialist ideology. As a result this many dolmens it is destroyed in full or in part, and, both by the forces of nature and by the hands of the " masters of the Earth " - people. Now the position of the matters somewhat is improved, but, as always, continuous misalignments. Some local imperious structures make the decision simply to shut them for the access of tourists. In Gelendzhike, for example, the part of the dolmens they decided to use commercial structures, intending to make a paid entrance. As a result, according to one or the other reasons, the access to them is limited.
But indeed these construction this simply indescribable wealth/riches; moreover the wealth/riches is eternal, is spiritual, not only our country, but also the entire world as a whole.
4 I think prohibitive measures they will not help, as never they helped either in our or in the world history. It is necessary to change our relation to entire universe. Indeed dolmen - this is not simple monument, and even not the " ganglion " of the Earth. this is properly living essence. Relate to them in the manner that you would want so that they would relate to you.
Memorize! Any desiring, with the aid of the dolmen, can be introduced to the sacraments of that moved, will be obtained energy aid, responses/answers to the suffered questions. power engineering of dolmens is capable of waking up the dozing in the man talents and abilities, indeed actually - this of the zone of contact and interaction of worlds (thin/fine and dense), where is possible everything, and among this in all so the necessary for man encounter with themselves itself, the encounter, which leads to the unity with themselves, with the Earth, with humanity, with that moved. But this is - true transformation. Only condition of the practicability of this - the open heart and pure/clean thoughts.

Kozhikov Sergey

4. Technology of obtaining information,
during the presence in the region of the mega-lytic construction

Article is undertaken from the correspondence in the conference of".ru.magich by authorization of the author.

With the best to you!

RB > was on the dolmens in Gelendzhika region, it heard, that there it is possible to obtain RB > information and much even interesting, can someone it will explain situation?!

In the sense, situation? With obtaining of information or with the technology of its obtaining during the presence in the region of mega-lytic construction?
To yuachnu from the second question, in zaivismosti from the construction/design of this type of construction and as this consequence - their primordial destination, in the danykh regions it is possible to obtain different information or (which is more frequently) it was possible to obtain this information to that moment/torque, when these of sooruzheiya were by different methods damaged or destroyed, by other words - they were disabled, as if the discussion dealt with some one of the contemporary instruments.
As an example let us examine, perhaps, trivial version itself - ring-shaped construction/design of the type Of stounkhedzha in Great Britain, since this " instrument " according to its functions bore the universal nature, as a result of its clear astronomical tying (while the significant number of other constructions/designs of mega-lytic period it had another designation/purpose). Classical astronomical dates are basic moments/torques for the observations. Being abstracted from those rituals, which were accomplished by there ancient, one should say only that only the very well prepared follower or the group of neophytes under the management/manual of this follower, who has the significant personal experiment/experience of this type of work, can to obtain information in such places. The basic concept of obtaining information bears classical nature - the deep meditation with the concentration on some object, in the case with the dolmens, for example, in the sun, to the Moon, some to specific star, etc., while during other mega-lytic buildings this can be any of the elements or their totality, certain essence, the furthermore spontaneous/elemental or conjugated/combined with it nature or..., it is shorter, it is sufficient. Naturally, the moment/torque of the beginning of entire measure is selected so that the activity of one object or another, on which it is planned/glided to be concentrated, would be maximum dya of lightening/easing the contact with it of ivozmozhnosti of the establishment with it of the steady energy-information exchange (in certain cases they are used directly the opposite technology, when is selected the moment/torque of the smallest activity of object, or its partially regressive or progressive activity, in particular such aspects they are good while conducting of the combinatory meditations, when in the diagram of interaction are included several objects). Position and the orientation of follower also depends on that, to which precisely object it is turned, its what personal targets/purposes and so forth within the framework of that structure of observation, which it manufactures itself for its needs. Within the framework of the latter by it are also created the special outlines and the figures, within the framework of which will be realized its observation, as if being found in the meditation, it consecutively/serially passed from one outline to the next, being moved within the framework of that structure, which it developed. Depending on the level of follower and his work experience, similar figures can bear different nature, which also must consider the individuality of that practicing, and also its personal astro-logical characteristics. Yuu and respectively, and the result, which it will obtain, can seriously differ from the results, to kotoyre they can be obtained by others as as a result of its inexperience, errors in " formulas " or in the " personal nonacceptance " by one object or another of one kontaktera or another. Accordingly, any intercourse is achieved at the information level by the force of the absence of complete agreement of the astral structure of kontaktera and contacted, with exception of the cases of the so-called person- conductors, completely " controlled ", let us say, some odnyo of specific element.

In general terms, the matter here is by the means described above.

Best regards,
+Starik in the raincoat at the table in fireplace gremlinom on the contrary
PS I will be grateful for at least the descriptive information about the dolmens into the paradise to one Of gelendzhika, earlier it had the occasion only to hear, that there like there is something such, but it was not described, that precisely.
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